How to use Bookings by Date to Track the Upcoming Decrease in Cancellations

Keep an eye out for increased bookings by comparing your cancellations with confirmed reservations and revenue.

1. Establish a date when COVID-19 cancellations began to affect your business (generally around March 10th). Use that date as the beginning of the Custom Date Range and today’s date as the end date. Start by looking at Cancelled in Filters for that date range. View if/when the cancelations are slowing/ending.

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 1.14.13 PM

2. Switch the Filter to Confirmed for the same date range. Now you can view if/when the confirmed reservations and revenue overrun the cancelled reservations and revenue. At this point, you can get a sense that you’re closer to the “other side” of the issue. 


Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 1.15.46 PM

3. In the example above, this company shows $7.9M (1,657 reservations) cancelled since 3/13/20. Conversely, they show $1.1M (240 reservations) confirmed since 3/13/20. They are still dealing with a $6.6M gap between cancellations and confirmed reservations. This should be checked every few days to see when the story begins to change (less cancellations and more confirmed reservations). 

Key Data was not able to get cancelled reservation data from ALL Property Management Systems. If you are not seeing cancellation data, just keep an eye on your confirmed reservations and when they start to take off.