Key Data's Occupancy KPI is the percentage of Guest Nights out of the total nights in the period.

This is one of the most important KPIs for revenue management.  While generally, you are aiming for high Occupancy, this should be used in context with other metrics like ADR and RevPAR because the goal is to maximize revenue. 

Also note that for vacation rentals, unlike hotel occupancy, Owner Nights + Holds can have a big impact. If owners have booked 10% of the nights, and 5% of the nights were holds, the maximum Occupancy would be 85%. Use the Available Occupancy KPI to illustrate the percentage of guest nights booked out of only those nights available to book for guests.

Read our article, The Big 3 - Occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR, to learn more about how Occupancy plays an important role in your dashboard.

Key Data Calculation: Occupancy = Guest Nights / Total Nights