Average Booking Window

Key Data's KPI Average Booking Window represents the number of days between when the reservation is made by the guest and the check-in date. Average Booking Window is calculated as the average number of days the property is booked in advance of arrival for the selected period.

Understanding the expected booking window for a property or group of properties helps you know when to adjust pricing by demonstrating when you should expect the property to book for certain seasons. Larger properties that sleep more people may have longer booking windows since they take more planning. Smaller properties typically have shorter booking windows. Booking windows are also different for different times of the year, and differ between markets.

Practical Example: Average Booking Window is a moving target until stay dates are in the past. When viewing Average Booking Window for an upcoming month, the window will change each time a new reservation is made. If you look at a month that has already come and gone, you'll see a FINAL booking window for that month. Until a month has come and gone, you will see pacing of the Average Booking Window against the same time from the previous year.

Key Data Calculation: (Arrival Date – Booked Date) / Guest Checkins