5 Ways to Spring Clean your Data

Ensure your dashboard is as accurate as possible.

Spring symbolizes a fresh start and a new beginning. As many of our partners are focused on spring cleaning their properties for the busy months ahead, we think it is a great time to begin spring cleaning your data as well! Our Data Team periodically reviews your data for potential errors and accuracy, but you know your units better than anyone else. Below are a few common issues we see with properties – please take a look through your PMS to ensure these are not impacting the quality of data in your dashboard.

Spring Cleaning List

  1. Location Information (Latitude/Longitude or Street Address) Missing
    Properties without latitude and longitude coordinates are not mapped in our system. This will hinder the ability to compare these properties to others in the market. Even if the unit is inactive, mapping these units can help with historical data.

  2. Properties Without Bedroom or Bathroom Counts
    Properties without numbers of bedrooms or bathrooms will prevent you from being able to filter those units into groups. For example, if you have 15 three-bedroom units on your program but five are missing the bedroom count, only 10 properties will be included in the ‘three-bedroom’ unit grouping. This will throw off your internal data and impede comparison to the market.
  3. Missing Property Types
    Similarly, to bedrooms and bathrooms, missing property types impedes your ability to dive into how different groups of units perform. Houses and condos tend to book very differently so understanding the performance of the different property types on your program is crucial.
  4. Long Term Stays
    Some property management companies also manage long-term units. However, Key Data is optimized for short term rentals and it’s best to look at short-term and long-term properties separately. We recommend contacting support with a list of units to ignore/delete to keep your occupancy, revenue, and booking information accurate.
  5. Out of Service Dates
    Throughout the year, you likely have homeowners leave your program. Make sure you mark those properties ‘out of service’ in your dashboard. Not doing so will result in deflated revenue and occupancy numbers.

If you are able to update this information in your Property Management System, our system will catch these changes and correct the properties in your dashboard.

If you would like help diving into your data quality, please contact support@keydatadashboard.com. We will be happy to review your dashboard with you!