Yield Curve Report Release


Year-over-Year Analysis

Comparison of 2 KPIs as-of specific dates, over historical years. Users can see how they stack up for the same as-of dates year over year.

This can inform several insights:

  • Am I booking as fast as I did last year?
  • Is my ADR better than it was for the same week of the previous year?
  • How did my new pricing strategy affect my booking pace compared to last year? 

Week over Week Analysis

Analysis of ADR + Occupancy as the specified arrival date approaches. This table is a descending view of KPI changes up until the arrival date. 

This can inform several insights:

  • What week did my occupancy grow the most? What was the catalyst for that?
  • My ADR is lower than I’d like it to be, what can I do about optimizing that?
  • Did my marketing push help increase my Occupancy and Revenue?

Top Performing Weeks

As a user, I can see which weeks were my top performers in terms of the highest gains based on the KPIs selected.

This tells me:

  • What weeks have been the most impactful for my revenue strategy for this arrival date

KPI Graph

Visual Representation of Week over Week data – view current or historical year

Informational Cards

High-level summary of last 7 days of activity for the arrival period selected…in this example I’ve gained 44% occupancy, my ADR was $365 for bookings in the last 7 days, and the green arrows show the variance as of 7 days ago.