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Where do I upload my OTA links?

Uploading the Airbnb and VRBO links for the properties you advertise on these sites will make creating your OTA Custom Comp Sets easier and more efficient. New properties to your rental program should have links added to Key Data as soon as possible. Once your new property links are added it will take 7-14 days before that link can be used in a comp set. 

Links must be formatted correctly in order to use them in your Custom Comp Sets and you’ll need the listing (or channel ID) numbers:

[Website address]    [Listing number]



You have two options to upload your OTA links into your dashboard:

1) You can do it yourself!

After logging into the Dashboard, click on the Settings button (cogwheel icon in the upper right corner), and then click on Unit Settings. We've provided spots for you to enter your Airbnb and VRBO links for the corresponding properties.

2) Let us do it for you by sending your Partner Success Manager a spreadsheet or list with the Source ID/Property name for each unit as shown in your PMS and corresponding VRBO/Airbnb links.