Tools & Reports for Sales/Reservation Teams

Your Sales/Reservations Team (or leader of a Sales Team) can gain a deeper insight into performance, whether that is specific dates of stay, specific properties, or types of homes.

  • Bookings by Date - Do you take more bookings on weekends or weekdays? Is there a day of the week that normally brings in the most revenue? This report will help you answer those questions and more.

  • Leaderboard report - Use the Open Nights KPI to quickly assess the nights that are still available to sell for each property and identify opportunities.

  • Pick-up - This is not specific to one report. By setting the date range filter to view your pick-up versus a recent date in the past (ie. As of Today minus 7/14/30 days ago) can help Sales Teams understand which dates have seen the most increase recently.

  • Booking Curve - Understanding your historical booking patterns will help you determine early on if your booking trends are changing this year. You can estimate when to anticipate reservations to pick up based on what your past booking windows looked like for different seasons.