Tool & Reports for Marketers

Marketers can use the tools in Key Data to gather insight in guest booking behavior, unconstrained demand, return on investment from different booking sources, and targeted marketing details.

  • Feeder Markets - By understanding where your guests live, target your ad campaigns by zip code, or identify emerging markets that have not historically made up your visiting guest base.

  • Marketing Source - View the Average Booking Window KPI on this report to work with your revenue team to evaluate your price strategy offered through different channels and dates throughout the year.

  • Guest Check-ins by Booking Date - Analyze booking dates across seasons to determine if you’re seeing an increase or decrease by arrival dates.

  • DemandIQ - Your secret weapon! See your current shopping demand that is actually being searched for on your website, as well as which guest feeder markets are shopping for a certain arrival date. 

  • Booking Curve - By looking at different arrival seasons, determine when guests usually start booking their stays. Use these historical dates to plan out marketing campaigns for the year.