PMS Integration Transition Process

We are looking forward to continuing to offer you Key Data's reports and dashboards by connecting with your new property management system (PMS).

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  • Once you submit the form to open your transition ticket, a member of the Transition Team will reach out to you to collect necessary information (API Keys, Company ID, reservation and property files, etc.) in order to connect Key Data with your new PMS.

Some Key Data - PMS integrations require more effort than others. We may need to reach out to a representative at your new PMS to get this information. We will work with you and the PMS to complete this step. 

  • When the connection is established, we will do the following:
    • Review the properties from your new PMS
    • Compare your existing properties to these new properties
      • If the property exists in both the old and new PMS, the properties will be matched with an internal Key Data ID.
        • Properties are matched by name, alias, property id, and address
        • This process allows reservations from both the old and new PMS to exist on the same property in Key Data. 
  • After all the properties are matched between the new and old PMS, Key Data will transition the integration.
    • You will see a banner in your dashboard indicating that your dashboard is paused because it is being transitioned.
    • This action severs the connection to the old PMS, meaning no more data can be collected from that PMS, and any changes to the reservations in that PMS will not be reflected in Key Data.
  • Following the integration transition, we will do the following:
    • Pull in all reservations from your new PMS into your Key Data Dashboard
    • Compare these new reservations to reservations from your old PMS

The length of this part of the process heavily depends on the number of properties and reservations in both PMSes and the amount of historical data in your new PMS. See the estimated timeline here.

      • Remove duplicated reservations
        • Key Data will keep the reservation record from the new PMS unless there is some issue with the "booked on" date (you will be contacted if this is the case). 
      • Remove overlapping reservations
        • Key Data will keep the reservation record from the new PMS.

It is extremely common to have duplicate and overlapping reservations. Some historical reservation data may have been imported in your new PMS OR dual entry for reservations was performed for a certain amount of time.

      • All removed reservations will be backed up by the Transition Team and stored by Key Data.  
  • Finally, the Transition Team will review all of the reservation stay types from your new PMS to ensure they are properly categorized as guest stays, owner stays, and holds. We may reach out and confirm these categorizations with you.

    Integration Transition Timeline

    Below is an estimated timeline of how long an integration transition should take after receiving the correct information.

    Units Days to Close Transition Case*
    1-29 1-4 days
    30-99 2-5 days
    100-249 3-6 days
    200-499 4-7 days
    500+ 5+ days**

    * Business days

    ** After reviewing your data, we will be able to communicate a more specific timeline with you. 

    We know that you rely on your Key Data Dashboard and we are dedicated to moving through your transition as quickly as possible. Some factors may prevent the transition team from adhering to the estimated timeline. These factors include:

    • The volume of current transition requests. We typically experience a high transition request volume in the final and first months of the year. Transitions during this time may take up to a week longer.
    • The involvement of representatives from your new PMS. We commit to following up with them regularly if there is a delay on their end of the process. 
    • Specific PMS onboarding practices. In some instances, your new PMS will add historical data long after your go-live date. This creates duplicate and overlapping reservations after we have closed your case. We are currently working to resolve this issue with these PMS and will monitor your data for these occurrences.


    A transition fee will be charged to your card on file after the transition is complete. The tiered pricing is based on your unit count. Please contact your Partner Success Manager with questions about this fee.