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How to transition your existing Key Data dashboard to a Track integration

Follow the steps below in your Track PMS system in order to get the information required for a transition. You will need to find your Domain Name, Server Key, and Server Secret Key.

Retrieving Domain Name (Endpoint) and setting up the Key Data Channel:
Configuration (Gear Icon) > PMS Setup > Distribution Channels > + Channel
  • Name: Key Data
  • Reservation Mode: Confirmed Reservation
  • Reservation Type: Normal Paying Guest
Reservation Settings
  • Leave default settings
API Settings
  • Enable Nodes API: CHECK
  • All Units Available: CHECK
  • All Reservations Available: CHECK
  • Allow Custom Pricing: CHECK
  • Reservation Mode: Electronic (Credit and E-Check)
  • Payment Method: LEAVE BLANK
Pet Settings
  • Pets Mode: Aquire Approval
  • Notification Email: LEAVE BLANK
Click "Save Channel"
Edit Channel > API Key
"Endpoint" should be visible:

Retrieving Server Key and Server Secret Key:
Configuration (Gear Icon) > Company Set Up > API Keys > + Server Key

image (3)

Track has provided a walkthrough of this process in the following video: Front Desk Dashboard - Track Software. (Note that there is no sound).