February 2023 Releases

ProData Releases
DestinationData Releases
HostData Releases



  • Multiple free-trials for add-ons prevented

  • DemandIQ

    • The value displayed when hovering over the map in the Technology and Feeder Market now shows the number of users instead of the number of searches for that region

  • Admin

    • Fixed the way documents are downloaded in PM signatures list

    • PMs can now be filtered by shard

  • International currency formatting is now consistent for the currency culture set in PM preferences for Rental Projections and Budgeting export/import





  • HeatMap released

    • Allows users to visualize the market performance intensity of either ADR or occupancy

    • Users have the option to select between Airbnb or VRBO listings over the last 30 days

    • Users have the option to select map, satellite or street view

    • Users can zoom in and out on the HeatMap

    • Users have the ability to filter by property type and number of bedrooms

  • Added left and right padding in market modal for mobile

  • Now collecting sign up analytics on initial sign up