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Do I need to set units' In/Out service dates?

On a regular basis, the In-Service date in Key Data will show as the first activity that we see for a unit. Example: Unit A comes on rental and is pushed to Key Data, but has no activity yet (no holds, no reservations). This unit will not show in reports and will not necessarily have an In-Service date until we see that activity. Once the activity is recognized, an In-Service date should be displayed in Settings > Unit Settings for that unit. 

Keeping your property out-of-service dates current helps keep your data clean. We use these dates to know when to start and stop factoring individual units in our KPI calculations. After logging into the Dashboard, click on the Settings button (gear icon in the upper right corner) and then on Unit Settings. Once you are on this page, find the unit that has gone out of service and enter the data into the out-of-service box. Ideally, this date should be as close to the final checkout as possible or when you stopped advertising the unit for rent, whichever comes last.

You can also reference the Unit Settings video HERE