December 2022 Releases

ProData Releases
DestinationData Releases
HostData Releases



ProData Releases

  • Budgeting: spelling correction

  • Comp Sets

    • changed bedroom filter limits to 0-30

    • changed bathroom filter max to 15

    • changed sleeps filter max to 55

    • fixed button styles

    • disabled save button when there are no changes on edit screen

  • Leaderboard: fix comparators list for BarChart view

  • FilterBar: added Debug Messages & related modal

  • Added Colombian pesos as a currency option

  • Budgeting:

    • Discrepancies in original budget numbers displayed fixed

    • New budgets that were created based on individual performance now differ from budgets that were created based on company performance

    • Revenue booked goals and last year actuals now match in newly created budgets

    • Pacing changed to variance in expanded view

    • Import/export changed to export in expanded view

  • Removed revenue goal from owner report

  • Fixed color and line styles for primary/compare datasets for different markets in benchmarking

  • Compare range of individual units now showing historical data in benchmarking

  • PMs can disable integration alerts in admin portal

  • Mirroring feature in budgeting now averages totals instead of adding

DestinationData Releases

  • Fixed sorting on zip code scorecard

  • Increased font size on chart value labels when pdf is exported

HostData Releases

  • Removed “Notify Me” button from market explorer

  • Fixed bugs with profile update modal

  • Market pulse and trend charts are now able to enlarge via a button on the bottom right of the cards