Gabriela Paredes

Partner Success Manager



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About Gabriela: 

Gabriela Paredes is the “unofficial” mathematician of Key Data’s Partner Success Team. She consults with over 200 property managers throughout the United States and Europe, helping them drive their revenue and grow their businesses. Gabriela is the first in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree in a second language and focused her studies on Hospitality. Prior to working at Key Data, Gabriela worked as a Director of Revenue in the hotel space. She not only enhanced her knowledge and expertise in Revenue Management, but she also had the opportunity to rebrand five hotels in South Florida and implemented a revenue management strategy across five departments. Gabriela lives in Miami, but can be found visiting her family in San Francisco often. When she is not expanding her brain power on revenue management, you can expect to find her outside, staying active and being sure to enjoy every moment she has with her loved ones.


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